Winston was thirty-three when this picture was taken at Blenheim in 1907. Although he had resigned his commission in 1899 (that means, he left the army), he joined The Queen's Own Oxfordshire Hussars, a territorial regiment, and their annual camp was often held at Blenheim.

He also spent a great deal of time at Blenheim because he was a member of the family. He never became Duke because his father, Randolph Churchill, was the younger son of the 7th Duke, and in England, the 'title' of Duke always passes down to the older son. The 8th Duke of Marlborough (Winston's uncle) was the father of Winston's cousin, Sunny, who became the 9th Duke of Marlborough.

It was at Blenheim that Winston proposed marriage to his beloved Clemmie.


Here is a photograph of all four Churchills together. You should be able to see Winston, his brother Jack, his cousin the Duke and a more distant cousin, Viscount Churchill. If you're not sure, try clicking on them.
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