We suggest that you allow three hours for the trail.

Required equipment: pen, pencil, coloured pencils, clip-board.

Print up the Clockwise Route and Clockwise Route Answersheet, or the Anticlockwise Route and Anticlockwise Route Answersheet.

Please read the Health and Safety section before beginning.

It is recommended that you look at the map of the ground and the map of the Palace BEFORE you set off on the trail. If you have any questions about the route please ask your teacher for help. It is best if you can have been given time in a Mathematics lesson to look through the trail BEFORE your visit.

You will be issued with either the Clockwise Route or the Anticlockwise Route question sheet.

There are different starting points – your teacher will tell you which question you are to start on. This is a circular route so, if you did not start at question 1, you must make sure that you complete the earlier questions when you reach question 12 and before you start question 13.

You will be issued with rough paper to test out your ideas and solutions to the questions. Then you write up your solutions in the spaces provided on the accompanying answer sheet – please share this responsibility, with different girls writing up the answers to different questions. If you complete the solutions on your visit we suggest that you DO NOT USE a calculator. However, if your teacher asks you to work out the solutions back at school you may then be allowed to use a calculator.

All your working must be clearly shown. You will not get any marks for an answer where no working is shown.

You must answer all the questions to gain maximum marks.

All teams should finish in The Formal Gardens, the Water Terraces, to work on question 13. There are bonus marks to be gained from your answer to this question. This asks you to design your own question based on The Formal Gardens – be as creative as you can be!

If the weather is bad then you can use the Education Room to shelter and write up your solutions.

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