Key Stage 2: Art
Portraits and Images at Blenheim Palace

During the visit Blenheim teaching staff lead the children in the observation and study of a range of images in the magnificent Palace collection. We are able to respond to any study topic request from teachers but the work, to reflect the Key Stage 2 curriculum will normally include:

  • Different forms of image (painting, sculpture, tapestry, photographs)
  • Why the image was made: choice of subjects
  • Relationships: two or three people, families, groups and more
  • Aspects of the subject's personality revealed through the interpretation of the image
  • Expression, feeling and mood
  • Interest and action
  • Size and pose
  • Impact of costume
  • Using mixed media in class work
  • Physical features (especially hands, eyes, gestures)
  • Unusual and significant details
  • Use of background
  • Composition and arrangement: significance
  • Images which tell a story
  • Symbolism
  • What there is for children to feel and think about