Key Stage 2: History
The Victorian Experience

School groups are taken through the Palace by Blenheim Education Staff who will bring out for the children aspects of the Palace relevant to the study of the Victorian Age with great emphasis on interaction and participation. The contents of the tour is delivered in a pupil-based way, calculated to provide an enjoyable experience.

We look at Blenheim as the stately home at its greatest moment and compare this with the more domestic overall national areas of interest that children also explore in studying Victorians. Family lifestyle and their servants during 'La Belle Epoque' is very relevant to National Curriculum requirements.

Teachers are invited to indicate to us in advance any of the features in which they are particularly interested. Teacher pre-visits are strongly recommended and are arranged free of charge. Possible topics include:

• Servants
• Census of 1871
• The Great Families (Historic Houses)
• The Young: as servants, family size, attitudes to children
• Service: transport, heat, light, water, fire
• The Industrial Revolution
• Portraits, furniture, a typical Victorian bedroom